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who is actvate.tennis

We are founded by passionate volunteers, players, parents, coaches and administrators of our great game.
Activate.tennis is launching a "tennis platform and marketplace" owned by the tennis community that provides clubs, coaches, volunteers, suppliers, sponsors and "tennis players" a common place to fulfil their tennis ambitions, no matter where they are.

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Champions of Tennis

It's time to recognise our volunteers for the critical roles they play. Lets shout out to our most important tennis fans.

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There has never been a more important time in tennis to advocate, support and lift our coaching community. At activate.tennis we are seeking to provide coaches with a communications and client engagement platform, where they can work together to protect their common interests

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Clubs are the lifeblood of grassroots tennis. Activate.tennis seeks to showcase our amazing tennis communities, incredible coaches and special volunteers through positive conversation and shared collaboration.

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